Talks et al.

Over the time we did a couple of talks and created a bunch of presentation slides. So here is a (probably incomplete) list of talks, workshop material, presentations slides and videos dealing with or mentioning the d:swarm data management platform (ordered by time; most recent upfront).

Talks dealing with d:swarm

  • d:swarm – A Data Management Platform for Knowledge Workers (2016/11/28; Thomas Gängler et. al; link collection of the complete workshop material)

  • Graph Data Models – Wikidata vs. D:SWARM (2015/08/06; Thomas Gängler)

  • A Modern Data Management Approach for Library Automation (2015/06/09; Thomas Gängler; announcement)
  • D:SWARM – A Modern Data Management Approach for Knowledge Workers (2015/04/16; Thomas Gängler; announcement)
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