Getting Started

If you wanna try d:swarm data management platform, then go to (our demo installation of the d:swarm Back Office) or open your own instance (get it!).

You don’t know whether d:swarm suits your needs and demands? – Then be inspired by the use cases or have a look at the features or talks about our data management platform, please.

Execute the following steps to process data with d:swarm, please:

  1. Upload some sample data via the Import perspective
  2. Configure the Data Resource for ingest (into the Data Hub) via Data perspective, i.e., the content will be transformed lossless into our generic data format (a Data Model will be created)
  3. Create a Project with the resulting Data Model (via Data perspective), i.e., this data model will be utilised as source
  4. Open the Project (via Data perspective)
  5. Create Mappings in the Modelling perspective
  6. (Optionally) Add Transformations
  7. (Optionally) Preview mapping results (i.e. no results will be stored in the Data Hub) in the Modelling perspective
  8. Save mapping results (i.e. all results will be stored in the Data Hub) in the Modelling perspective
  9. (Optionally) Export (sample) data (from the Data Hub) via Export perspective
  10. Utilise the mappings (from the projects) for processing larger amounts of data via Task Processing Unit

For further details and instructions please have a look at our user manual or documentation.

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