Sub-Project DMP

Developing a Data Management Platform for the Automatic Linking of Library Data


In this sub-project we closely collaborate with the innovative company Avantgarde Labs that has been a partner developing our multilingual semantic search SLUBsemantics.

Project Team:

Project Leader:

Jens Mittelbach (SLUB Dresden, Head of User Services and Information)

Project Coordinator:

Ralf Talkenberger (SLUB Dresden, IT Department)

Specifications and Library Know-How:

  • Kerstin König (SLUB Dresden)
  • Thomas Gersch (SLUB Dresden)

Conceptualization, Software Development and Modelling:

  • Thomas Gängler (SLUB Dresden)
  • Robert Glaß (Avantgarde Labs)
  • Paul Horn (Avantgarde Labs)
  • Falk Niederlein (SLUB Dresden)
  • Jan Polowinski (SLUB Dresden)
  • Christoph Rodejohann (SLUB Dresden)

Contact the Team:

The DMP team of SLUB Dresden is looking forward to your comment, question or message.

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