d:swarm Roadmap

This is the roadmap as of 28th May, 2014, for the subsequent development of d:swarm. Following agile principles this roadmap will be updated regularly according to requirements of early adopters.

Time Frame Feature Delivery

→ alpha release 28.5. ← Features: MAB2Graph, graph visualization, RDF export

 June Update implementation: repeatedly imported data resources update rather than overwrite the existent data structures in the graph; changes in the data are recorded (versioning)
Complex transformations II: Extension of the set of transformation functions to all available Metamorph functions (including execution in the graph)
Modelling of deduplication rules in the GUI is possible
Execution of modelled deduplication rules is possible –> duplicates are identified in the graph
July Modelling of rules for the handling of duplicate metadata is possible
Rules for the handling of duplicate metadata can be executed and manipulate the existing graph
→ beta release 15.7. ← Features: integrated graph, deduplication, usability
Complex transformations III: Re-use of transformations within transformations can be modelled and executed in the GUI
August Alpha version of an execution engine for running tasks is available
Admin interface is implemented in the GUI
September Tasks can be deployed in the execution engine from the admin interface
Error reporting is available for the execution of processes in the admin interface
→ gamma release 30.9. ← Features: execution engine and admin interface
October OAI-PMH can be registered and configured as a data source –> data can be harvested
HTTP APIs can be registered
SLUBsemantics is available as an enrichment web service
November Export generator for individually configurable data exports is available
Schema editor foor modelling the internal graph data model is available
→ delta release 15.12. ← Features: more data sources, integration of SLUBsemantics, export generator, schema editor
… continous development notably in the fields of rights and role management, FRBR, sharing, monitoring, etc

Step by Step:

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