Define Mappings

Mapping Workflow

  • Select the desired output schema by clicking on the button “Select output schema” or change the output schema by clicking on the symbol on the upper right in the mapping panel (1).
  • Mappings are created by clicking first on a symbol in the input  schema (2) and then on the respective symbol in the output schema (3).
  • A dialog lightbox opens. Provide a name for the mapping relation (at least five characters). Confirm and close the box by clicking on the button “Name that mapping”.
  • The new mapping will now be visualized by a red arrow (4).
  • Repeat these steps for each mapping you want to create.

Note: In the alpha release you can map to attributes only on the first level. In the example above, you will not be able to map on “contributor/givenName” yet. You can, however, map on first-level attributessuch as “title” or “shortTitle”.

Complex Mappings

Complex mappings such as combining two input attribute paths into one output attribute path (e.g. first name + family name) can be achieved by mapping a second input attribute path (1) to an output attribute path that has been used befor (2)kann folgendermaßen umgesetzt werden, indem Sie ein Mapping (1).A lightbox will open:

  • Select an existing output attribute path by clicking in the list (1).
  • The button “Add to selected mapping” will be shown (2).
  • Create an integrated mapping by clicking on “Add to selected mapping”.
  • If multiple input attribute paths should not combined into one, you can achieve this by clicking on “New Mapping” (3). This will create two unconnected mappings.

Step by Step:

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