Functional Range of the Alpha Release

The alpha release version of d:swarm serves purposes of demonstration and testing and is meant to validate the working principles of the web-based graphical user interface (GUI).

Modelling Functions

At the stage of the alpha release you can model these ETL processes:

  1. Import sample data (of small size up to 1,000 records) in CSV and XML formats to d:swarm.
  2. Configure the schema of the imported sample data.
  3. Create projects for bundling all transformation processes necessary for converting data resources into target data based on a graph model.
  4. Map a configured input schema of a sample data resource to an output schema.
  5. Define data transformation routines for each mapping using a basic set of transformation functions.
  6. Configure filters that define the conditions for transformation processes.
  7. Execute data transformations on the imported sample data while modelling and save the results in a central data hub in a property graph.
  8. View and explore the results within the graphical user interface of the graph database.
  9. Export all data of the central data hub in RDF for further use.

Functional Restriction of the Alpha Release

  • Our design ideas for the GUI are not yet realized in the alpha release.
  • A user or rights management model is not implemented yet. Consequently, all users are allowed to do everything. All users have access to all data resources imported to d:swarm and can manipulate and overwrite projects of other all other users. The data in the central data hub is the result of the work of all users.
  • There are further functional restrictions that will be resolved in due time according to our roadmap.

Step by Step:

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