Configure CSV Data Resources

When you have selected the dataset to be configured you can adjust the schema of a CSV dataset by choosing the option “… as CSV”  from the “Edit configuration” pop-up menu. In order to make adjustment easy, a preview of the first few rows of the CSV file is generated dynamically.

Configuration Options

The following properties can be adjusted:

Name Name of the configuration
Description Description of the configuration
Choose file format End-of-file type (Unix / Windows)
Encoding Character encoding used
Field separator character Field separator used
Escape character Escape character used for masking characters so as not to be interpreted as control characters
Text enclosure character Character used for enclosing text
Define column names Defines the names of the columns (not yet implemented in the alpha release)
Ignore first … lines at beginning of file (Checkbox) Defines the number of lines to be ignored at the beginning of the imported file (e.g. because they are empty or have a deviant structure)
Discard initial … rows of data (Checkbox) Defines the number of rows to be discarded at the beginning of the dataset proper after the header row
Load at most … rows of data (Checkbox) Defines the number of rows to be loaded as test data

Configuration Workflow

  • Configure the properties of the CSV schema as needed.
  • Click on “Preview” if an adjustment does not take immediate effect in the preview box.
  • Save the configuration by clicking on “Save”.
  • Click on “Cancel” if you want to discard your adjustments and get back to the “Data” tab.

Step by Step:

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