Export Data in RDF

Data in the data hub can be exported to a file in the N-Quads  format.

Export Workflow

The export function can be accessed on the tab “Data”.

  • Click on the drop-down button “Export All Data” at the bottom of the data tab.
    • Note: The alpha release supports exporting data in the N-Quads format. Further formats will be added in future releases.
  • Click on “N-Quads” to open the browser’s save dialogue and specify a location and a filename for the export.


  • In the alpha release, all data in the data hub will be exported. An export generator for specifying a selection of data to be exported will be available in future releases (cf. d:swarm Roadmap).
  • URI-use in exported RDF data: New URIs will not yet be generated for transformed resources in the alpha release. If source records have a URI already, it will reappear in the exported data.

Step by Step:

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