The DMP (Data Management Platform) is a data modelling tool  for the lossless transformation of data from heterogeneous sources into a flexible (elastic), graph-based data model that can be explicitly embedded in the (Linked) Open Data webgraph.

The DMP is a middle ware solution. It forms the basis of all data management processes in a library or any other cultural institution dedicated to the handling of data and metadata.  Structurally, the DMP goes in between existing data management systems (e.g. Integrated Library Systems) and existing front end applications (e.g. the library catalogue or discovery system).

The DMP takes care of the improvement of the data quality facilitating the deduplication, merging and FRBRization of bibliographic data, their semantic enrichment and publication as LOD.

The DMP channels all institutional data flows and creates a highly customized master record for every individual resource as a  Single Version of the Truth (SVOT).

More on the sub-project and the project team

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