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Please test this: Alpha Release of our Data Management Software


d:swarm – Data Management and Swarm Intelligence

We have accomplished an important milestone in our sub-project Data Management Platform. We are proud to present the alpha release and, at the same time, pronounce the name of our data integration and data modelling tool: d:swarm. This name does call to mind associations with swarm intelligence, busy swarming and altruistic collaboration. At this stage, however, we focus on making our principal idea of a highly flexible data integration solution with a graphical user interface come true. We want to take away the task of data management from programmers and IT specialists and give it back into the hands of those to whom it belongs: librarians, metadata experts and knowledge workers. Continue reading

Call for Papers: Workshop on Data and Resource Management at INFORMATIK 2014

This year’s conference INFORMATIK 2014 is concerned with the complexities of Big Data and will be held in Stuttgart in September. We are proud to have been accepted for a workshop on data management and the management of electronic resources in libraries.

We call for submission of papers on current research work and application of interesting use cases within the following research areas and application fields: Continue reading


What Do We Want to Achieve with the Data Management Platform?

With the DMP we will create a universe of knowledge out of a chaotic universe of individual pieces of information.

In this presentation we explain how cultural heritage institutions can use our highly flexible Open Source software suite to integrate easily and intuitively data from different data sources and improve its quality significantly. The Platform is not only restricted to a use in a library context. It is conceivably applicable to, at least, all other sectors of the cultural heritage domain: galleries, museums and archives. Generally speaking, it can be extended to all fields where data from different source needs to be integrated, evaluated, hierarchized and enriched. Continue reading


Lightning Talks at SWIB13 Conference

We are glad to present the very first results of our project in two 5-minute Lightning Talks at the Semantic Web in Libraries (SWIB13) conference today. There are a lot of excellent and inspiring presentations here and we are proud to be part of this Linked Data movement. You do not have to wait until SWIB14, when the data management platform will hove gone live. You can stay in touch and help us develop and test this piece of software. Continue reading

SWIB13 und Datenmanagement: Disrupt MARC for Great Justice!

Dieser Tage findet in Hamburg die fünfte Konferenz zu Semantic Web in Libraries (SWIB13) statt. Dorothea Salo fordert in ihrer Keynote, dass BibliothekarInnen endlich aufwachen und Linked-Data-Technologien zum Einsatz bringen müssen: “Disrupt MARC with Linked Data for great justice!” Sie beschreibt die Schwierigkeiten, die neuen Konzepte den BibliothekarInnen in täglicher Praxis oder in Aus- und Fortbildung nahe zu bringen. Nicht nur mangele es oft an verständlichen, anschaulichen Darstellungen des Nutzens von Linked Data. Auch mache es die vorhandene Infrastruktur nicht gerade leicht, Linked Data zum Durchbruch zu verhelfen. Häufig fehlen einfach zu bedienende Werkzeuge und grafische Oberflächen. Continue reading

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Workshop zum Projektstart

Zum Projektauftakt fand am 20. Juni 2013 ein Workshop mit Experten in den Bereichen Semantic Web, Linked Data und Datenformate statt. Teilnehmer waren u.a. Christoph Böhme, DNB; Lambert Heller, TIB Hannover; Heidrun Wiesenmüller, HDM Stuttgart; Holger Przybytin, UB Münster; Fabian Steeg, HBZ Köln; Tracy Hoffmann, UB Chemnitz; Adrian Pohl, HBZ Köln; Jakob Voß, VZG Göttingen; Simon Scheider, Uni Münster; Michaela Selbach, HBZ Köln; Nicolas Flores, Acosta Consult Frankfurt am Main; Matthias Wendt, inno-focus Berlin. Continue reading