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D:SWARM beta release on the occasion of SWIB14

D:SWARM is truly #opensource, please participate!

Today, we have released a public beta of d:swarm on the occasion of the conference Semantic Web in Libraries (SWIB14). The SWIB conference aims to foster the exchange of ideas and experiences among practitioners on Linked Open Data (LOD) developments relevant to the library world. And this is what we ask you to do: please help us test our web application, guide our development or fork our code. We are looking forward to your feedback, your ideas, and your opinion.

How You Can Participate

  1. Please help us test our web application. It is available at http://demo.dswarm.org. You can start off the cuff or read our documentation at GitHub first. If you want to give us feedback you have several options to do so: click the “feedback” button on the right within the web application, share your ideas on our public mailing list or send us a private note via mail: .
  2. You can guide our development and help us prioritize our backlog. Our issue tracker is available at https://jira.slub-dresden.de. If you want to create issues or comment on existing ones, please register for an account.
  3. Our development is still in an early stage but developers at UB Dortmund, UB Leipzig and European University Viadrina already installed d:swarm locally at their institution and their developer feedback helped us a lot. The code is completely available at our Github Repository and there is an installation guide of course. You are invited to fork our code.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions, please get in touch.

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