Monthly Archives: Tuesday November 22nd, 2016

d:swarm – v0.9.2 release

We are happy to bring you (yet) another version of d:swarm with many new and interesting features. Furthermore, you can also see how we’ve done the processing of Springer Journals data at SLUB.

So here is the list of features that have been added or enhanced since our last release:

  • RDF export on-the-fly (see last 6 mime types in this list of export formats)
  • JSON export on-the-fly (see JSON flavours + first 7 mime types in this list of export formats)
  • Solr XML update format export on-the-fly
  • extend support of inbuilt schemata, e.g.,
    • PICA+
    • UBL Intermediate Format
    • Springer Journals schema
  • new transformation functions:
    • a collector function that also emits its result, when not every input has been fired (multi-collect)
    • a SQL database request function that is able to emit multiple results (sql-db-request)
    • a hashing function for Base64 (base64)
    • a hashing function for SipHash (siphash)
    • tail function (tail)
    • head function (head)
  • enhanced transformation functions:
    • all collector (all)
  • d:swarm tools (for backup and replay of projects and the content of their data models)
  • mark attribute path (in schema) as multivalue (utilised, e.g., to produce schema-conform JSON)
  • define own resource identifiers
  • enhanced error handling/ more expressive logging + more expressive messages for user
  • various bug fixes and improvements over all parts of the application (frontend, backend, graph extension, …)

Feel free to test all these additions, improvements and enhancements at our demo instance (see the full list of tickets that have been resolved since our last release). We are happy about any kind of feedback via our various communication channels: Twitter, Slack, Gitter, Google+, mailing list, issue tracker or simply drop us a note at team[at]dswarm[dot]org.

Happy testing and evaluating!